Raising the Bar Within Call Centers

In today’s highly competitive environment, staying ahead of the pack in the outbound teleservices business can be a huge challenge. Companies and call center executives are looking for a partner who has innovative solutions, which better help manage call center operations and increase monthly revenues.

Caller ID Solutions is a CNAM provider, helping outbound call centers increase revenue, better manage and target their Caller ID through an easy to use web interface.
Here is how it works:

  1. Clients get access to our web application to request new phone numbers to target their calls. These numbers are from major area codes throughout the US. This means improved answer rates and increased credibility.
  2. Call centers can manage the Caller Name associated with the new phone number to ensure the proper name is displayed and compliance requirements are met.
  3. Call centers then enter into the web interface a call forwarding number so clients can callback if needed. These can be done with either via SIP or traditional 800 numbers
  4. Every part of the process is automated to ensure timely ordering and processing of your numbers.
  5. Our web interface also provides our call center clients the ability to download daily reports highlighting the traffic generated with your new local numbers
  6. With each CNAM DIP generated we share in the revenue with our clients. This is a great opportunity to bring a new revenue stream for your call center.
  7. By providing a Cnam Lookup Tool for our call center clients, we are considered an essential partner to their overall profitability and call center productivity.

We invite you to browse our website and contact us or call us at 888-666-4305 so we can help take your outbound call center to another level.